What Fear Looks Like

Happy Belated Halloween everyone!


I have to apologize for the late post, I was under the weather.


Last week, I blogged about Bloodborne. This week, I am bringing you some personal gameplay.


The game was released back in 2015, and I’ve had it since. I don’t think I’ll be getting rid of it either because the second installation probably won’t be available any time soon.


There are so many small things to pay attention to in this game and I want to share some of my own.


  • Always watch your stamina bar, when it depletes you can’t dash away from your opponent or attack anymore.
  • Always check your corners and dark places, enemies are always lurking; it doesn’t help that it is a pretty darkly lit game.
  • Dark Souls gives you the crutch of having a shield, Bloodborne doesn’t so be ready to dodge.
  • Always try to establish the move set of your boss, some of them have to phases so about halfway through, don’t be surprised if they switch it up on you.
  • Be patient, in some instances you need to hide before attacking. Don’t jump into a group of enemies alone, you’ll die pretty quickly.
  • Each time you progress through the game, keep in mind that enemies are harder and the amount of blood echoes are increased.
  • IF you are INVADED, stay close to the lamp you’ll be resurrected by or in an area that will be easy to be able to pick up you blood echoes. I’ve lost way too many because of this, because remember if you die again before picking them up, they’re gone.
  • Research your build and cap levels for skills, you don’t want to waste your levels on a category that has already reach its highest point.
  • If you’re playing co-op, remember that you’re using up your insight and those are limited quantity, so make sure that you have enough to summon.
  • In regards to co-op, also remember that if your partner, who you’ve summoned in, dies, then you don’t have to go anywhere just tell them to ring again and you guys should link back up. They don’t lose their blood echoes, only you will so STAY ALIVE, don’t make sacrifices.
  • Explore and pick up everything! In this game you never know what those items can do for you later or sooner in your gameplay.
  • If you’re struggling, you also summon in NPCs for bosses, just remember that the bosses get harder the more people you have helping you.
  • There are multiple endings to the game, research and try them all out.
  • There are also DLCs, which brings new weapons, new outfits, new locations, new enemies and new bosses.
  • In boss fights never forget that you may have items that can help, and that certain affinities like fire or lightning can do more damage to specific bosses.
  • You can get extra bullets in game if you sacrifice some HP by harming yourself.
  • The temptation is real be careful of hitting the wrong buttons, so learn your commands.


I hope that with the combination of this list as well as my video, that if you haven’t tried it yet, that you’ll feel a bit more secure to give Bloodborne a chance.


Remember as always, feel free to message me. Follow the blog if you like what you’re reading and seeing and follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Instagram & YouTube.


Also if you ever want to play together, I am on PS4, KaramelKarma204.


Thank you for reading!


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