I fell in love with FEAR: Bloodborne!


Hello Everyone!


I do hope that October has been treating you all well so far.


This week I am going to address a game that I think is a classic, Bloodborne. If you couldn’t tell it helped to inspire the name of my blog.




“Face your fears in this dangerous new world, where danger, death and madness lurk around every corner.”

Bloodborne was developed by From Software and Sony Japan Studio, it was directed by the infamous Hidetaka Miyazaki. Released 3/24/15 in the US, it gave players a new level of difficulty that even Dark Souls didn’t bring.


For my readers who aren’t knowledgeable about the Souls series, Miyazaki also spearheaded those games with the exception of two, because he was working on Bloodborne. He did report that DSIII would be the big wrap up on the nerve wracking series.


You Died


The game is dark, creepy and full of creatures that made me scared. I definitely didn’t play this game in the dark, beasts jump out on you out of nowhere and the sounds alone are scary. I had never played the Souls games but I happened to try this out first.


I would say that the world of Yharnam, ancient and cursed with an illness that is spreading through the city like wildfire full of secrets and an intriguing story prepared me for my adventure through Dark Souls III.

As a fan of RPGs (Role Playing Games), I found the journey difficult. You have to have patience to play this game, but you also have to be able to adapt. You need to learn your map, learn the move sets of your foes and understand the weaponry of the game. The story mode is filled with opponents, beasts and hunters alike, including other players that can invade your game if you have yet to beat the boss.


Even with the game’s charming Victorian era theme, you’re basically trapped in a nightmare being slowly affected by this illness. Through your journey you gain new weapons, new clothes, and blood echoes and insight which is the key to leveling up your skills and the level of your weapons.


While on the topic of weaponry, I have to point out that it took away something players had gotten dependent on in the Souls series, Miyazaki got rid of shields. It turned up the difficulty level in Bloodborne but it also gave players a more aggressive playstyle. It also didn’t have Pyromancy and Spell Casting which is a long-distance playstyle.

No Bloodborne, wanted you up in your fears faces.


With an array of unique weapons, blood, gore and the downtrodden design of your own character, this game is not for the weak of heart.


I also loved that I could equip two left and right handed weapons. Right handed weapons are most likely your melee weapons, while your left handed ones are your firearms. Firearm shots can stun enemies and then you are able to do a visceral move which does a lot of damage.

There are so many weapons on Bloodborne and they are all fun to play with and useful in their own way.


The game also has dungeons to play which unlocks gems and weapons that the regular play through doesn’t provide.


Bloodborne did have one DLC, The Old Hunters, November of 2015, which provided a whole new world of hurt when I played it. It gave us new bosses, a new world, new weapons and clothes and even more story.


In my opinion, it is one of the best games that I’ve played and I was fortunate enough to earn the Platinum trophy for this game. I still have my copy and I occasionally play it, but if you do pick it up just remember that for each time you’re reborn and play it over, it gets harder. Oh and here’s a kicker: when you die, you drop your blood echoes, so be sure to pick them up or when you die again they’re gone for good. All enemies come back alive and it’s like you’re starting over.

That all being said, I WANT A BLOODBORNE 2!


I cannot wait for it and I’m not the only one. If you type in Bloodborne 2 in Google or YouTube you’ll get results and its mostly fan made theories, wishes and speculation. Hopefully it is in the works and we receive officially news soon.


As always, please follow me on social media and stay in tune for my next update.


If you want to pick this up and give it a try I will love to help out and Yung_Miggs won’t mind tagging along either.


Have a great day guys and thanks for reading!


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