Geode Candy!


Here we are in week 2 of October everyone and I am feeling the beginning of the holidays.


To start off this week’s post, I want to talk about my attempt at HowToCookThat’s Candy Geode. I really did have this grand idea of making a nice one because I was inspired by Gideon’s Cosmic Rift move. There’s a huge boulder that plunges down from the sky onto the opponent. In his pirate form, it’s an anchor! So when I saw this tutorial I thought this would be cool to try.


I highly recommend trying it her way, because I messed something up lol. I also didn’t finish the outside with fondant or candy melts because I was just overwhelmed with work. To make up for that I added something extra in the end, but we’ll get to that.



To start out I took a big bowl and poured in some flour. I then placed the smaller bowl in that and poured more flour in that bowl to create the texture for the bottom of the geode. I then added in some foil for extra texture, however, I probably shouldn’t have done that.


I then layered two pieces of aluminum foil over all of that. I should have tried to have one as even as possible. There was way too much foil because when the sugar crystalized from the syrup it got all between those layers.


Once I finished overlaying my foil, I sprayed it with Pam and went to my stove. There I took a small pot and began boiling 1 cup of water on high. I added in 3 cups of sugar. I kept stirring until the sugar mixture boiled until it looked clear. Be sure to keep stirring and paying attention because it can burn quickly.


Once it reached that stage I took it off of heat and added in lavender oil and food coloring until it appeared purple.


Now I know about the debate regarding essential oils and ingestion of them. I honestly think it’s ok. That being said there are all types of flavorings for candy so you can pick up any of those. You can make these in any color and any flavor you want.


I mixed those ingredients in well and poured it into our geode mold. Then I wrapped it well with plastic wrap and laid a kitchen towel over it.


I let it sit for three days undisturbed. I then poured out the syrup that was still there and broke off the top pieces with had crusted over in an even layer. I also broke off pieces that didn’t sit well with me.


After peeling off the foil, I then let it sit upside down over a bowl for another three days.


I stopped my process here, however, if you check out How to Cook That’s video she created an outside finish in two ways that make it look more natural.

I’ve made crystals and rock candy in the past and this was bigger than I expected. It was fun and it turned out nice, the color wasn’t as dark as I would have liked but I think it was fun all the same.


If you have kids, I think this is also a fun way to show them chemistry at home.


Now because the video was short I decided to give you guys an extra treat.


Since Halloween is coming up and we’re in October, Paragon has released the first of its updates for this fun holiday and I wanted to give you guys a look at the skins and the map. S


As always, I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and that it gave you guys insight or inspiration. Tune in for the next episode of Weekend Shenanigans next Sunday!


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