Paragon, Karma & Gideon

Hi everyone!

This week I am focusing on my current game obsession, Epic Games’ Paragon. It is a MOBA, multiplayer online battle arena. It was released in 2016 and is a 5v5 competitive game, like League of Legends. I’m a fan of these games, however, I have always hated the way that the point of view was, an overheard look into the arena.


This is one reason I am so drawn to Paragon; it has a unique third person view that takes us through the map, not over it. Smite was pretty close but they’ve really sacrificed their graphics since the game released.


Paragon has three lanes and a jungle. Carry & Support characters should team up in Right Lane, controlling the gold buff. Midlaners should defend the shortest route to the core, controlling the river buffs. Offlane, which is left lane, should defend the enemy support and carry and steal the gold buff. Last but certainly not least is the Jungle, in which, is a dangerous area. This is where the Jungler farms and grows his strength to be able to gank enemy heroes and assist his team.


Lately, other players who jungle have been disappointing me when they don’t stay in the jungle and farm because they are neglecting late game advantage. The jungler is earning coins for the team when he farms and he/she is supposed to be able to move between lanes and assist teammates.

With all of the game’s heroes, 36 currently (a new hero every 3 weeks), each one is different. However, there are ranged and melee heroes, all broken down into Assassin, Attacker, Burst, Controller, Durable, Elusive, Ganker, Guardian, Initiator, Marauder, Sieger, Wild and Zoner.

Paragon Characters

It’s in my opinion that you play around with characters and test them out to figure out which one resonates with you. I started out really wanting to be good with countess, but I just couldn’t vibe well with her. Maybe later, when I start to learn another role and become even more familiar with the game. I’d also recommend that as you play take note of heroes that you play poorly against. For instance, I have played with Twinblast and because of his lack of an escape move, he is very often killed early game. In my video, you’ll see that even as familiar as I am with Gideon, I play poorly with him against Morigesh.


Personally, I love Gideon and I am trying to build him up to level 15. Which brings me to my next topic, the leveling system. Paragon have levels in a level, lol. There are 10 levels in one, which is the number that you see within the diamond, the bar around the diamond refers to the level you’re at in that level. There are awards at each level, including emotes, skins crowns, loot crates & keys.


There are many skins in the game and emotes, like my faves, Twinblasts’ ‘Just Dab’ and Khaimera’s ‘Jungle Jig’. Loot Crates and Keys are earned to grab at the many that are available. Reputation and Coins are also earnable and money isn’t required in the game. There are also boosts for them, which are stackable.


I’m just in love with the game and I’m always up to help anyone out who wants to learn how to play. I am learning from a PSN friend who extends his help and who is a master at the game in my opinion, so just reach out to me if you’re interested!


Thank you guys and as always follow the blog, follow me on social media, on YouTube give me a like and subscribe, comment and add me on PSN.


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