Weekend Shenanigans #1


Hi guys!

So after spending all day gaming on Saturday, we started to get tired. We really wanted to stay up until daylight, so we decided for a sugar rush – pick me up. After stopping by the store we decided to do kookies and koffee (see what I did there :)).

We decided to make sugar cookies and chocolate chip cookies, the simple way: the Pillsbury way. I did team up with Yung_Miggs (you can add him on PSN), and he decided to just go with a sugar cookie iced koffee. I, on the other hand, decided to make this interesting.

So I tried the CoconutmilkMochaMacchiatto from Starbucks. I’m not a koffee person, I prefer tea. However, this iced treat makes me happy but I don’t like paying for it. No Sir!

So in the quick video, me sans makeup and any hair styling sense, we show you how we put together our pick me ups.

I know it’s simple but sometimes we don’t think to do simple, but its so much easier than we tend to make them. Enjoy!


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